Product Launch Email

Earlier today we launched [What did you launch] allowing [one short sentence explaining the awesome purpose of this launch]. Now, users can [awesome set of new things that improve what people can do with your product]!

[insert a screenshot]

[Here’s some awesome feedback / stats / links / blogs etc.] that you can check out related to our launch

  1. [Link to some awesome tweets (or something else)]
  2. [Link to our public blog post (or something else)]
  3. [Stats about how many people are using this thing (or something else)]
  4. [Stats about how much better our system is (or something else)]

Please email [[email protected]] with any feedback, and visit [team-site] for more information.


[You], on behalf of the [Team Name] team

Written by Niket Desai on 07 December 2015 at